Employment at Coastal Bliss Adventures
and Cowichan Bay Kayaking

  • Who We Hire

    We hire people that really want to work outdoors and have a sense of purpose. We really look for the following qualities:
    ✔ Confident with people, easy with a conversation.
    ✔ Interested in people and want to help them experience the outdoors.
    ✔ Proactive to take care of problems and to find solutions with few resources.
    ✔ Loves to learn and pick up new skills.
    ✔ Has a real and driving reason to be a guide.
    ✔ Is looking for mutual commitment for the future.
    We have hired guides with little or no qualification, just experience outdoors and a real reason to guide. Of course, that is a rare find, but not being a fully qualified guide does not prevent you from working for us.
    We also look for local youth in the Cowichan Valley that want to be outdoors and are willing to build their skill levels. These junior leaders might take on smaller responsibilities within the things we do.
    We usually hire several full-time and several part-time people for our season that runs from mid-May into September.

  • Qualifications

    We do multiple activities, so guides that have broader experience and qualifications are better suited to what we do, particularly for full-time work.
    Qualifications We Look For:
    ❤ SKGABC Assistant Overnight Guide (AOG) Certification
    ❤ Wilderness First Aid(40-50 Hour) Certification with CPR-C
    ❤ SKGABC Level 1 Guide Certification
    ❤ Class 4 Unrestricted Commercial Driving License
    ❤ Advanced Wilderness First Aid (80-90 Hour) Certification
    ❤ Paddle Canada Basic or Level 1 Instructor Certification
    ✚ Association of Canadian Mountain Guides (ACMG) Assistant Hiking Guide Certification
    ✚ SKGABC Level 2 or higher Guide Certification
    ✚ Canoeing Instructor Certification
    There are some obvious overlaps in the listed certifications that we love to see. Certifications do not guarantee anyone a lead guide position. That comes with experience and trust. What we really look for on top of certifications is:
    ❤ Lots of experience outdoors and some experience leading and taking responsibility for others.

  • What Working With Us Looks Like

    We have multiple tasks that must get done to serve our clients every day. Rarely do we have an employee or contractor that focuses on one activity only. The people we hire full-time will be doing all of the following over the course of the season, depending on qualifications:
    ➫ Renting gear and assisting clients for tours at our dock in Cowichan Bay
    ➫ Guiding short kayak tours in Cowichan Bay
    ➫ Leading or assisting on kids' camps in Cowichan Bay or Maple Bay
    ➫ Prepping food and gear for multi-day hiking and kayaking tours
    ➫ Assisting on multi-day hiking or kayaking tours
    ➫ Driving clients and kids to activities
    ➫ Creating posts and marketing materials
    ➫ Cleaning and maintaining gear and premises
    ➫ If fully trained and qualified, lead multi-day hiking or kayaking tours
    We have qualification levels that we call Guide Outfitter I, II, III, or IV. Responsibilities and advancement are based on these levels. Most people start at GOI or GOII. A GOI would be working mostly at the dock and doing prep work. A GOII is qualified to lead short kayaking tours, assist on multi-day hiking tours, lead day tours for birding (with interpretive knowledge), lead and assist on kids' day camps, and to drive clients (with proper driving license). A GOIII can lead multi-day hiking tours and assist on multi-day kayaking tours. A GOIV can lead multi-day kayaking tours.

    A View of Coastal Bliss

    This is what we do. Usually lots of fun, but not necessarily glamorous!

  • Jobs At Coastal Bliss Adventures

    For the 2020 season, we are looking to fill the following positions:
    ☑ Adventure Host, Guide Outfitter I
    ☑ Adventure Host, Guide Outfitter II
    ☑ Dock Attendant
    ☑ Kids' Camp Assistant
    ☑ Contract Guides: Guide Outfitter II and Guide Outfitter III

  • Covid-19 Message

    CBA Welcome & Abbreviated COVID_19 Policy (see complete document)
    Welcome to the 2020 Kayaking and Adventure season. It is well advertised and documented that the best practice to contain the spread of COVID-19 is to stay home and limit visits to public places. Our first priority is the health and safety of our employees, guests and communities through these challenging times.
    As our staff and management prepared for the phased opening of the 2020 season, we are carefully watching the trends of the COVID-19 Pandemic and the Federal and Provincial directives. We are closely monitoring the recommendations and precautionary measures of the World Health Organization, Health Canada, the BC Centre for Disease Control, and our provincial health officer. While we acknowledge that the best practice is to stay home, given the nature of the activity of kayaking, canoeing, SUP boarding and hiking, in wide open spaces, and with rigid protocols in place, we are confident that the service of adventure tourism and tours that we offer can continue, whilst reducing the risk of transmission of the COVID-19 virus to customers and employees. It is acknowledged that participating in outdoor activities can offer health benefits to both the participants physical, mental, and emotional well- being.
    Management at Coastal Bliss Adventures are committed to the ongoing safety of customers employees and local and indigenous communities. Various precautionary measures have been put in place to help reduce the risk of virus transmission. Safety will rely on the full cooperation of our customers and employees from the time we arrive at the facility / tour until the time we leave.
    The safety measures we have implemented include:

      1. Monitoring Employee and co-worker health.
      2. Practicing physical distancing.
      3. Use of PPE.
      4. Reducing the number of touch points & rigorous cleaning of remaining touch points.
      5. Training our employees on enhanced cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing procedures.
      6. Requiring the adherence of customers and employees to our policies and procedures.


    A full list of the internal measures we have implemented can be found on our websites www.coastalbliss.ca and www.cowichanbaykayaking.com and these measures are also posted at the Cowichan Bay Kayaking location, at our tour preparation base and in our vehicles. We hope that our environment will return to a semblance of 'normal' soon, but for now, this method of operation is our 'new normal'.
    We acknowledge that every customer will make their own decision as to whether it is in their best interest to participate in our water and land-based activities during these times or not. However, should you choose to join us, we will welcome you and require your full cooperation with regards to the measures that have been implemented for everyone's safety.
    Stay safe,
    Georgia Newsome
    Gary Ward

    COVID_19 Protocol (see complete document)


  • Covid-19 Policies and Protocols

      1. If you have underlying medical conditions, it is recommended that you not visit our facility. Anyone displaying symptoms of COVID-19, which primarily displays as a persistent cough, will not be permitted to enter the facility, or participate in tours. If you do not feel well or have been in contact with others who are unwell, please stay home.  When in doubt, get tested!
      2. If you have traveled outside of Canada, you are not permitted at our facility until you have self-isolated for a minimum of 14 days. If you are showing symptoms of COVID-19, please do not come to our facility. If you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or is showing symptoms of COVID- 19, please do not come to our facility.
      3. Online or over the phone booking and payment is preferred. If payment is required at the time of the tour (day and partial- day tours), only credit and debit card will be accepted.
      4. You will be required to sign a declaration of health included on the waiver prior to commencing the tour.
      5. You will be required to agree to contact tracing following to the tour. Should you or someone in your group test positive for Covid-19, following the tour and within 14 days, you agree to contact the company and inform them. In addition, the company agrees to inform you and your party should someone that you may have been in contact with during your tour, tests positive for Covid-19.
      6. PHYSICAL DISTANCING (minimum 2m/6ft apart) IS REQUIRED WHILE ON SITE between groups who have not booked, traveled, and arrived together at our facility. Failure to effectively observe physical distancing, risks the closure of the company, and as such, if you blatant and repeated ignore physical distancing and use of other PPE (as required) you will be asked to leave the premises and may be suspended from the tour and / or future tours.
      7. The exception to PHYSICAL DISTANCING of 2m/6ft is within shuttle vehicles, water taxis or float planes and big canoe.  In these situations, masks, or appropriate alternate option (for those unable to wear a mask) must be worn at all times. (Please see Transportation). Within the Big Canoe, groups will be those who are travelling together and/or there will be a minimum of 1m/3ft between guests (See Kayaking Operations)
      8. Following the recommendations of Health Canada, we do not require customers to wear a mask while present at the facility; however, we request that you bring a mask for use at times when physical distancing is not possible.  This maybe while on the kayak dock, or during a hiking tour and that on multi- day tours you have at least one spare mask.
      9. We recommend that you bring hand sanitizer and use it every time you touch a foreign surface (doors, doorknobs, seats, railings).
      10. Day and part- day tours: Please bring your own water as we will not be providing any and will have no place for you to fill up your water bottles at this time.
      11. Multi-Day tours: We will have strict protocol around use of water filters, pristine drops available, and guests are encouraged to bring a 'Lifestraw' bottle or some other form of personal water filtration and sterilization system.
      12. Do not handle each other's equipment paddles, PFDs, wetsuits, backpacks, etc. unless you have sanitized your hands to do so.
      13. The washrooms on-site at Cowichan Bay Kayaking are managed by Blue Nose Marina and typically not for client use. If they are open, only the facility by the road is you your use. The marina facilities will be disinfected frequently.  Please use sanitizer directly prior to punching in door code.


      1. Online or over-the-phone booking is recommended including payment.
        1. Include the points of the general welcome message as part of the booking conditions or confirmation and refer to where more detailed information about the customer responsibilities and company protocols can be found i.e. website, posted at the facility.
      2. PRACTICE PHYSICAL DISTANCING (minimum 2m/6ft apart) between booking parties and employees. Where physical distancing is not possible guests and employees must both wear a mask.
      3. At times when there may be a higher volume of customers a company 'greeter' (on upper deck) will inform the Cowichan Bay Kayaking customers of the various protocols that are in place. Customers may be asked about their recent travel history, general health relative to COVID_19 symptoms and 'household bubble' in addition to kayak related questions (Any information of a personal nature will be confidential to those required to have information).
      4. COVID_19 Protocol (see complete document)

Get In Touch

For more information, please contact us. We will be happy to answer any questions you have for us. You can send a direct email to us from the email form. We should answer your questions within 24 hours.

4865 Bench Rd
Cowichan Bay, BC

1769 Cowichan Bay Road
Cowichan Bay, BC

E: info @ cowichanbaykayaking.com
P: +1 250 715 0034

What Our Guests Say

  • We did 8pm-10pm kayak to/through estuary and then to log booms and back to Cowichan Bay. Good overview before we left, quick fitting kayaks to everyone. Clear signals if safe/require assistance. Had the wonderful luck of seeing red sun set and then blood moon/full moon rise on the same trip. Lots of bio-luminescence, good guides. Thanks!

    Dean P
  • Our guide Jenny was wonderful and knowledgeable about the estuary. My husband and I rented kayaks and had her as our guide for a 2 hour paddle. The kayaks are in good condition, and Jenny took us to see seals basking in the sun. It was a nice easy pace for paddling, I got some wonderful photos and had a great time. Thanks Jenny and Coastal Bliss!

  • My son and I rented a double kayak for two hours. We explored the bay and marina. Saw lots of sea lions and osprey along with many fascinating boats. We definitely plan on doing this again! Gary was really helpful before and after our excursion.

    Ocean K
  • thanks again for another great day on the water. your team always makes renting a fast, enjoyable experience. you're always my go-to option for a quick afternoon paddle!

    Vince A
  • Our 2 hour kayak tour of Cowichan Bay estuary with our guide Travis was relaxing, educational, and a great way to spend a hot evening on the cooler waterway. Travis was professional, personable, and very patient with our limited experience in kayaks, and got us settled in them quickly, and safely. We enjoyed the leisurely pace, sighting different birds, and getting information about the local area from Travis.

  • Cynthia and I really enjoyed our Gulf Islands kayaking adventure with you. You happily tailored the trip and our days to meet our needs and accommodate the weather, tides and currents. The food was excellent (loved the spinach!) and the equipment you provided was of the highest quality that we have ever rented. We had such a good paddle with you we've been haunting craigslist etc and now are owners of a used Tyee fibreglass kayak like you have.

    Cynthia and Dave
  • I have very much enjoyed the Broken Group Island kayaking trip with you and Gary. I will definitely try to do it again, should I get back to the west coast in the near future.

  • For two years in a row we have used Coastal Bliss to guide us through the Wild West Coast Trail. This year we also added a 1/2 day kayaking. Using Coastal Bliss ensured we get to see the best there is to see. A further advantage is that you will learn about the fascinating fauna, flora, history and geology on the coast. People do hike up on their own, but apart from the risk they take by going at it alone, they also rob themselves of a superior experience. While we were setting up camp they were cooking incredibly delicious snacks and meals. Who knew dehydrated foods could taste so good.

  • A friend and I booked the two hour evening kayak tour in Cowichan Bay and it did not disappoint. Georgia and Gary were extremely friendly and helpful in teaching two newbies how to paddle properly and maneuver the kayak, and then Georgia guided us around the bay. It was a beautiful evening, the water was calm, and the scenery en route to the estuary was breathtaking. Georgia pointed out different bird species and we even spotted some seals swimming nearby. This was my first time on a kayak tour, but I will be back!

  • Reservedly we contacted Bliss Adventure Cowichan Bay to see if they could cope with old girls..2 with no experience. No problem, BUT "why dont you try our moonlight kayak experience?" It happened the moon was almost full just now. So we went for it. A whole new experience great fun and oh boy to see the moon rising up above the mountains as we paddled out at sea was unforgettable.We were made most welcome really enjoyed it. Thank you, it was BLISS.

  • I have done 4 brilliant multi-day trips with Coastal Bliss including 2 amazing kayaking adventures; 6 days in the Broken Group off Vancouver Island in 2014 with guide Phillip and 6 days in Nootka Sound in 2016, guided by Georgia. Both trips were fantastic. Georgia even organised a special trip for me to fit in with my itinerary as I had limited time, travelling from New Zealand. Coastal Bliss is well organised for everything; the food is fabulous, the guides have indepth local knowledge and the locations are outstanding - all reasons why I have signed up on 4 different occasions with Coastal Bliss.