Coastal Bliss Adventures Multi-day Tours

Coastal Bliss Adventures has many multi-day adventures for you to join if you want to stay on our beautiful coast and have a longer, more intimate connection with the wilds of British Columbia.

Featuring the West Coast TrailNootka Island TrailJuan de Fuca Trail, and the North Coast Trail.

West Coast Trail:
Our premiere 9-day adventure along the West Coast Trail. This is an all-inclusive tour from departure in Victoria to drop off at the end at your location on the east side of Vancouver Island. 

West Coast Trail Details

Mini-West Coast Trail:
June 21-24, 2018 – $1365 + 5% tax Minimum group of 3
Our Mini-West Coast Trail Tour gives you the best of the West Coast Trail, entering at Nitinaht Lake. This can be a “backpacking-lite” tour of a base camp/day hike tour. Either way, this is some of the best scenery along the trail.

Mini West Coast Trail Details

Nootka Island Trail:
The Nootka Island Trail is a relatively easy backpacking trip along the west coast of Nootka Island, on the west side of Vancouver Island.  This trip includes a fly-over of the island to get to the trailhead, and a boat ride through Nootka Sound to return.

Nootka Island Trail Details

Juan de Fuca Trail:
The Juan de Fuca Trail is widely considered an easy warm-up for the West Coast Trail, but it is not any easier, just shorter. All of the coastal trail in BC have unique characters, and the Juan de Fuca is no different. It enjoys relatively easy access from Highway 14 and various trail entry points, so passing day hikers is not uncommon, but as a backpacking route, it shines with the rest of them.

Juan de Fuca Trail Details

North Coast Trail:
The North Coast Trail is a wild, remote trail at the north end of Vancouver Island. You really are in wolf habitat on this trail and it is common to see signs around camp of curious wolves from the night before. This trail might be more strenuous than the West Coast Trail for the more remote section, but the Cape Scott section is fairly easy hiking, with additional rewards of beautiful sandy beaches and a rich history.

North Coast Trail Details


Reservations can be made at the bottom of the page, but you will want to check out more details of these tours. Visit Coastal Bliss Adventures for more information.

Kilimanjaro Bliss Safaris and Expeditions

Kilimanjaro Bliss runs tours in Tanzania. We are a Canadian/Tanzanian company. Our guides are local Tanzanians who know the country and the people, including our partner, Aristarick Benard. We are bringing our quality Canadian experience to your time in Africa. We provide full service tours of Mount Kilimanjaro, Mount Meru, and on a variety of safaris through this amazing country.

We feature the Off the Beaten Track Safari, and Kilimanjaro Mountain Expeditions. Our Off the Beaten Track Safari takes you to places that most other safari companies don’t go to see a greater diversity of the East Africa Rift Valley.

Reservations can be made at the bottom of the page. 14-day minimum advanced booking. Visit Kilimanjaro Bliss for more information. 

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