About Us and Contact Info

Coastal Bliss Adventures is a Vancouver Island company, founded in 2009 by Georgia Newsome and Gary Ward. We originally specialized on the West Coast Trail and other Vancouver Island hiking trails. After years of multi-day tours on Vancouver Island, we expanded internationally by founding Kilimanjaro Bliss Ltd. with Aristarick Benard Swai, a safari and Mt. Kilimanjaro guide, in 2016. In the spring of 2017, we expanded our kayaking offerings with our dock rentals and tours, starting Cowichan Bay Kayaking and Adventure Centre.  Our new kayaking and water adventure centre moves us closer to our original intention of being a kayaking company.  We are happy to be serving our community more fully. In the spring of 2019, we will begin operations in the UK with our Pembrokeshire Trails Tour in south Wales.

To contact us for more information:

(250) 597-3031

1765 Cowichan Bay Rd
Cowichan Bay, BC

info @ cowichanbaykayaking.com (remove spaces)